The main goal of the Wildland Program is to provide aid in the extinguishment of fires in the Wildland Urban Interface in our District, in the Quad Cities, in the Prescott Basin, in Arizona or anywhere the need arises in the United States.

Central Arizona Fire & Medical Authority has had an Off-District Wildland Program for nearly 30 years. There are approximately 20 fulltime and reserve CAFMA firefighters which make up 5 response teams. In addition to serving as certified wildland firefighters several members are qualified to serve in supervisory positions; these include one Type II IC (Incident Commander), four Division Supervisors, two Strike Team Leaders and one Structure Protection Group Supervisor.

Central Arizona Fire & Medical Authority is equipped to provide apparatus for an off-district response with one Type 1 Engine, one Type 3 Engine, three Type 6 Engines, two Type 1 Tactical Water Tenders, two Type 2 Water Tenders and four Command vehicles. AZ State Land Department may request a single resource or member, or they may request a team or several teams and apparatus as the situation demands.

All members are Red Card qualified and have received numerous hours of training. When a team or single resource is requested by AZ State Land Department they are prepared to depart for their assignment within one hour. Teams operate on a rotation schedule and may be gone for up to a two week assignment. One of the benefits is the invaluable ‘on the job training’ our firefighters receive while supporting firefighting teams across Arizona and the United States.


Phone: For emergencies or crimes in progress, call 9-1-1
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