The Central Arizona Fire Medical Authority’s (CAFMA) response to fire and medical emergencies immediately outside the Authority’s jurisdiction will be limited to those areas which are protected by contract or by an agency which has a current automatic/mutual aid or intergovernmental agreement with the CAFMA. CAFMA resources may respond to automotive accidents within a five (5) mile area beyond our geographical boundaries.

Fire Districts are special taxing districts independent of city or county government. As such, CAFMA’s jurisdiction includes service areas within Prescott Valley, Chino Valley, Dewey-Humboldt, in suburban neighborhoods, rural, and unincorporated areas in Yavapai County. It should be noted that some properties are not within CAFMA’s jurisdiction, regardless of their proximity to a fire station.

The Yavapai County Interactive Map Tool allows you to view whether or not your property is covered by a fire district, and if so, which one. Simply click the ‘Search’ tab, enter your address, then navigate to the ‘Special Districts’ tab. If you are covered by CAFMA, yours will show either Chino Valley Fire District or Central Yavapai Fire District.

Property owners outside the boundaries may be eligible to either annex into the Authority, or obtain a Fire Protection Agreement (FPA):

Annexation permanently absorbs the property into the District, but due to statutory requirements, not all properties will be eligible for annexation.

An FPA is a contract with CAFMA that is renewable year to year. The fee for an FPA is equal to the amount which would be paid if the applicant’s property was located in and taxable by the applicable fire district (Central Yavapai or Chino Valley) at that district’s then current tax rate, plus an administrative fee of $50.00. Assessed Value (ALV) / 100 x Current Tax Rate + $50.00 Fee = Annual Contract.

If you would like more information regarding FPAs or annexation requirements, or if you would like to verify whether or not you’re property is within the Fire District, please call our Administration Office at 928-772-7711.

Phone: For emergencies or crimes in progress, call 9-1-1
Fax: For non-emergencies, call <br>928.445.5357
Monday - Thursday 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 928.772.7711
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